Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 20th AKA 420

April 20th, AKA "420" is known by teens and young adults as the biggest marijuana smoking day of the year and it is approaching. Regardless of a teens history of use, they know about this day and many experience pressure to use on this day.  It's important that parents and teachers are aware of this.

The best time  to offer support to young people is before the day arrives. Talk to them about their understanding of the day, experience of the day in the past, and anticipated pressures with it coming soon. There are so many myths about this day that it creates a great discussion. Offer ways to help them negotiate their way through it.

In addition, having drug testing supplies around the house helps the young person have a refusal skill when peer pressure occurs. It will occur. When they say, "my parents have a drug test and they will use it," then the peer pressure stops. The negative friends back away.

It's time to start talking to our teens about what's really going on in their lives.

Here is a link to Recovery Happens Newsletter about Marijuana

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