Sunday, August 19, 2012


Each day of sobriety brings an awakening!

It's fun to watch as the miracles of recovery heal the damage addiction has created!

Daily task most of us, "normies"take for granted,  small signs that the addict is learning to live life on lifes terms!

One day our son called and asked his dad to cash his paycheck for him,. ( the credit union he had joined a few years back did not have a branch in the city our son was living in)

My husband said  he wouldn't be able to help until the next day.

About an hour later our son called his dad back and said, "it's OK dad, I went to a bank and opened an account!

A big surprise to both of us! A sign that he is healing,
he had a problem and found a solution

BUT also a reminder to us that we need to give him the opportunities he needs to figure things out for himself. An awakening for him but also for us! 

Other little signs

Joining a gym
Spending a day off at the beach!
Calling someone in the program when he is finding himself isolating!
Rearranging his work schedule so that he can attend his "home group" meetings
Making amends!
Spending time with family!
Sending notes of love and encouragement to loved ones!
Asking friends and family how THEY are doing!

Things we "normies" take for granted!


  1. Just started reading your blog - thank you for it! My son was just home for a few days after his third rehab visit. There was a few days lag before he could get himself into a sober living house. I am thankful for those days together...they went well and for the normal things he did...take a shower, make his bed, help with dinner..big steps for him and us. We continue to pray for his recovery and ours - we have hope!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find support and encouragement through blogging. Glad to hear there is some sunshine in your home again. Enjoy!