Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Think this may promote drug use? YOU THINK???

I always check my Facebook page when I wake up and this is what Natalie Costa of Behind the Orange Curtain had posted. It seems these t-shirts are for sale in LA stores and are selling out.  


Natalie immediately went to battle and started posting these pictures on Facebook as well as some contact numbers to let the designer know that we have a prescription drug epidemic going on in this country. She also contacted the press. Last night Natalie was interviewed as well as  random people in front of the store that was displaying the t-shirts.

One mother holding her toddler said,

" I think their kind of funny, their cute"

Are you kidding me?

 Funny? Cute?

Parents of teens today are in a battle everyday to keep their teens away from drugs. It's not enough that we have to fight the music industry but now the clothing industry is bombarding our kids with these messages.

How ignorant are these people? When Natalie spoke to the designer yesterday morning he stated that he knew nothing about the prescription pill epidemic. Seriously? 

 I have been appalled at comments on Natalie's FB page. Some have said, "it's just a t-shirt".  Then there are the people that think we just need to educate our kids about drugs and they will "just say no" We know how that worked with the Dare Program.

Please join us in having your voice heard. If we say nothing Brian Lichtenberg will continue to produce this crap. Brian says," If they open the door to a much needed dialogue, as they seem to be doing then mission accomplished".  Brian didn't even know about the thousands of lives lost to prescription pills in our Country when Natalie contacted him yesterday. He is full of BS. He doesn't care about the kids, the families or the impact on our culture. Let's be honest, he is in it for the money.
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