Sunday, August 18, 2013

"We have traveled a rocky road, there is no mistake about that."



"We have had long rendezvous with hurt, pride, frustration, self- pity, misunderstanding and fear." 

Every once in awhile I come across some little reminder of the ROCKY ROAD  our family has been on. Our son has not lived in our home for many years and yet, I continue to come across mementos of his life in and out of sobriety.

The past  few weeks I have been cleaning out closets and boxes marked "keepsakes".

 Tucked away in the bottom of a box of treasures I found an AA chip.  As I sat starring into the bottom of that box I thought about how many times my son brought an AA  chip home and proudly presented it to me. The first 24 hour chip and then the next 30 day chip brought with them hope for better days. I had no idea how many of those 24 hour and 30 day chips would end up scattered throughout my house.

As I was sorting through a  box of cards and letters from our children I found tucked between the sweet handwritten notes a letter our son wrote from jail.

 Today I was organizing my computer files I was reminded once again of the ROCKY ROAD we've been on. When I opened the file with my son's name on it  there were documents labeled, COURT RECORDS, RESTITUTION, ARREST RECORD.

When I opened my husbands file I was reminded of the deep hurt he experienced
several years ago. His file contained a letter he wrote our son after a particularly difficult time in our lives.

Chapter 8 of the big book says, "we had a long rendezvous with hurt, pride, frustration, self- pity, misunderstanding and fear. "


We have all worked really hard over the years to LET GO of the past. Most days our lives are filled with the blessings of peace and serenity that recovery bring.

 Some days God lets the wreckage of our past surface and we are reminded that the bumps in the road are smaller these days

we are reminded that  the moments of joy we experience in our family today are

oh so good.


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